Why solar, why Yeloha?

Solar energy is sustainable and pollution free

Today, two-thirds of America’s electricity comes from coal and natural gas. But solar is growing rapidly. As of 2015, about 700,000 American homes have solar panels. Businesses and municipalities are going solar too.

Solar energy saves you money compared to your utility.

There’s more to going solar than saving our planet, it will also save you money by reducing your electric bills.

Solar energy is a domestic source of jobs.

Across the country, 1 of every 78 new jobs in 2014 was created by the solar industry (The Solar Foundation). Yeloha is proud to be headquartered in Massachusetts, ranked the #2 state in solar job creation.

Solar energy is good for public health.

Independent research has found that fossil fuel use is associated with significant negative health effects. In fact, researchers estimated these health effects are costing our nation more than $360 billion per year. By switching to solar, you are paving the way for a healthier and wealthier society.

Going solar with Yeloha

Yeloha makes it easy, transparent, and rewarding to go solar.

Have a sunny roof? We can help you go solar for free while also supporting clean electricity throughout your community. There’s no need to take out a loan or sign a lease. As a Sun Host, your contribution is your roof, and your free share of its solar electricity production saves you money on your electric bills.
Want to go solar with panels on someone else’s roof? Yeloha is the only place to find your Sun Host! We take care of all the construction, maintenance, and bureaucracy, so all you have to do is enjoy the savings!

Yeloha helps your friends and neighbors go solar with you.

Solar roofs in our Solar Sharing Network have a particularly important impact, because they open up access to solar for families who don’t have the right roof for their own solar installation. Now community members who live in apartment or condo buildings or who have trees shading their roofs, or face another one of the many traditional obstacles to solar, can join in the solar economy and share the benefits.

Yeloha works with the very best local installation companies.

All of our installation partners adhere to the highest quality standards. They have years of solar installation experience and happy customers. Since our partners are local, they are available even on short notice.

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