What Happens At Night Or During Bad Weather

What Happens At Night Or During Bad Weather?


Our estimates of your solar production and savings already take into account weather factors and the number of sun hours per year. You are always connected to the regular electric

How Much Will I Save

How Much Will I Save?


← FAQ If you are interested in becoming a Sun Host, we’ll create an assessment of your roof and how much you could save. Sign up here. If you are

What Happens If I Move

What Happens If I Move?


If you are a Sun Host with panels on your roof, we make it easy to transfer your Hosting agreement with us to the new property owner, so the new

Are there any tax benefits?


← FAQ Yeloha uses federal and in some cases state tax credits to reduce the cost of installing your solar panels. So this does not impact your taxes.

What is Yeloha's Subscription Guarantee

What Is Yeloha’s Subscription Guarantee?


Through your solar subscription, Yeloha provides you with energy credits that reduce your electric bills. Each Yeloha panel provides a minimum amount solar energy production (for example, the minimum is

Will I Need To Install Something In My Apartment

Will I Need To Install Something In My Apartment?


Nope! Signing up for your subscription can be done completely online. The credits for your solar electricity generation will show up on your same old monthly utility bill. Plus you’ll

Do You Support My Utility

Do You Support My Utility?


← FAQ – New York Currently all NY utilities are supported except for municipal and Long Island. The full list includes: Con Edison, Central Hudson, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange &

I have a nice roof, can I get the panels?


Yeloha’s mission is to open access to solar to everyone! If you are interested in panels on your own roof, let us know and one of our partners who install

How is this possible?


Yeloha is bringing the power of sharing to solar power. We’re building a digital solar subscription network on top of the existing utility grid. First, solar panels are installed on

What does the name Yeloha mean?


← FAQ Yeloha comes from two words that describe the joy and benefits of Solar Sharing: Aloha, the globally recognized warm Hawaiian greeting for “hello”, also derived from a compound