Do I own the solar panels?

← FAQ Yeloha owns the solar panels and hardware equipment that makes the system work. We also insure and maintain the system, and are responsible for all repairs in the unlikely event they are needed. You get to enjoy the monthly solar savings and environmental benefits your portion of the panels generate.

What’s the installation process like?

Our process is designed to make things as simple as possible for you. For Sun Partners Going solar on someone else’s roof is as simple as a click. If the solar project is still under construction, we’ll keep you updated throughout the process. For Sun Hosts It typically takes 4-6 weeks from the time you … Read more

Will I still be connected to the grid?

Yes. Solar energy flows on the regular electric grid. When more solar energy is produced than you’re using, it gets fed into the grid. When not enough solar energy is produced, the grid will provide you with electricity from traditional sources. It’s OK if your panels are sometimes producing more than you need, and other … Read more

What happens at night or during bad weather?

Our estimates of your solar production and savings already take into account weather factors and the number of sun hours per year. You are always connected to the regular electric grid, so going solar will not have any effect on your power, even if your panels are not currently producing electricity.

How much will I save?

← FAQ If you are interested in becoming a Sun Host, we’ll create an assessment of your roof and how much you could save. Sign up here. If you are interested in becoming a Sun Partner, with solar panels on the roof of another community member, you can use our simple online process to see … Read more

What happens if I move?

If you are a Sun Host with panels on your roof, we make it easy to transfer your Hosting agreement with us to the new property owner, so the new owner benefits from free solar electricity. Contact us for questions specific to your situation. If you are a Sun Partner with panels on the roof … Read more

What is Yeloha’s Subscription Guarantee?

Through your solar subscription, Yeloha provides you with energy credits that reduce your electric bills. Each Yeloha panel provides a minimum amount solar energy production (for example, the minimum is 336 kWh per panel for a one-year subscription), from which your credits are generated. In the event that at the end of your subscription duration, … Read more

Do you support my utility?

← FAQ – New York Currently all NY utilities are supported except for municipal and Long Island. The full list includes: Con Edison, Central Hudson, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange & Rockland, and RG&E. These 6 utilities cover about 80% of the state’s households (or about 95% other than Long Island). Don’t live in New York? … Read more