I would like to become a Sun Host but have some concerns

← FAQ Great questions! All of these issues are detailed in Yeloha’s obligations to you under the terms and conditions of becoming a Sun Host. Yeloha has full responsibility for the system and provides maintenance and insurance for the system at no cost – it is simply a perk of being a Sun Host.

What does the name Yeloha mean?

← FAQ Yeloha comes from two words that describe the joy and benefits of Solar Sharing: Aloha, the globally recognized warm Hawaiian greeting for “hello”, also derived from a compound of the word “alo” meaning “share”; and Yellow, which represents the sun and the clean power it generates.

How is this possible?

Yeloha is bringing the power of sharing to solar power. We’re building a digital solar subscription network on top of the existing utility grid. First, solar panels are installed on select suitable properties, sending electricity into the grid. We then allocate credits for that clean energy production to your monthly utility bills. You can track … Read more

I have a nice roof, can I get the panels?

Yeloha’s mission is to open access to solar to everyone! If you are interested in panels on your own roof, let us know and one of our partners who install panels may be able to help you. Because only about 8% of US households qualify for a solar installation, we’ve created a solution for all … Read more

Do you support my utility?

← FAQ – New York Currently all NY utilities are supported except for municipal and Long Island. The full list includes: Con Edison, Central Hudson, National Grid, NYSEG, Orange & Rockland, and RG&E. These 6 utilities cover about 80% of the state’s households (or about 95% other than Long Island). Don’t live in New York? … Read more

What is Yeloha’s Subscription Guarantee?

Through your solar subscription, Yeloha provides you with energy credits that reduce your electric bills. Each Yeloha panel provides a minimum amount solar energy production (for example, the minimum is 336 kWh per panel for a one-year subscription), from which your credits are generated. In the event that at the end of your subscription duration, … Read more

What happens if I move?

If you are a Sun Host with panels on your roof, we make it easy to transfer your Hosting agreement with us to the new property owner, so the new owner benefits from free solar electricity. Contact us for questions specific to your situation. If you are a Sun Partner with panels on the roof … Read more

How much will I save?

← FAQ If you are interested in becoming a Sun Host, we’ll create an assessment of your roof and how much you could save. Sign up here. If you are interested in becoming a Sun Partner, with solar panels on the roof of another community member, you can use our simple online process to see … Read more