Hot Yellow Ball In The Sky

Yeloha is the world’s Solar Sharing Network™. Our mission is to unleash the benefits of solar energy to all people, regardless of where they live and their economic status.

Solar Sharing removes the obstacles going solar once presented (including needing your own roof!), changing the way people generate and pay for their electricity. Yeloha makes it simple and attainable to save your money, support your local economy, and help save something else that could use your consideration these days: our planet.

Yeloha is a Generaytor company.

Our Team

We’re a quirky bunch of personalities bold enough to believe we can fundamentally change how people and energy interact, unlock access to clean energy for everyone – and have them pay less for it.

We hold certain values to be true: do good in this world, focus on people first, break through barriers, and provide a quality product to our customers.

If you share these values and care about improving our world – let us know:

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Boston, MA 02111

Tel: 617-520-4960