You don't need a roof to plug into solar power anymore

It's Sunset Time

Over a year has passed since we first lit up our Solar Sharing Network.

We're honored to have made solar energy a reality for many. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to reinvent the old grid model, and to prove the potential of a digital, two-way exchange that invites all of us to produce, consume and share our own affordable clean energy.

Thank you, our Sun Partners, for being the first who subscribed online to buy solar energy produced on someone else's roof. Thank you, our Sun Hosts, for contributing your roof space for producing more energy than you could use.

Unfortunately, the resources required to sustain Yeloha and bring it to the next level were not available in this environment. We had to shut down Yeloha, but we remain confident that solar sharing will shape the future of energy. Our users and supporters can take pride as pioneers on that journey.


  • I’m a Sun Partner, what about my current solar subscription? We will refund you.

  • I’m a Sun Host, what about my panels? You'll get to keep your share of the energy, as promised.

  • How can I get in touch? Email us at

Sharing is the Simple, Smart way to go Solar

Sun Host

In exchange for hosting, I receive free solar panels and a portion of the energy they generate - at no charge. The rest of the energy is shared with my Sun Partners.

Sun Partner

With solar sharing, I no longer need my own roof to go solar. No matter where I live, I can finally go solar by purchasing cleaner, cheaper energy on someone else's roof.

So anyone can join?

Yes, as cities are getting more connected  everyone is benefiting from shared resources. 

Car and apartment sharing have become  part of our routine... and now with Yeloha -  Solar Sharing is too!

No need for site audits or installations, now  you can go solar without leaving your laptop. 

No solar roof? No problem, share ours! 

What about the bill?

Depending on the Yeloha plan you select,  your monthly electricity bill will be lower or  even canceled out completely.

Solar savings are delivered to your existing  monthly utility bill - no need to transfer  accounts. It's that simple!

Sun tracking

You demanded solar on demand... we delivered!  Now you can use the Yeloha app any time to track the  renewable, clean energy your panels are producing.

By going solar you help create jobs and make the world  a cleaner place for our future generations. That's  worth bragging about! The Yeloha app also lets you  share your accomplishments with friends and family.